Hello, and thank you for taking some time to visit the Home By Choice Solutions blog! Here is where we’ll regularly post articles on the work we do, case studies on our projects, and general information about accessible construction and remodeling. 

But before we get to that, we want to spend some time to get you acquainted with our business and the services we offer to the Chicago Area out of our Lombard location.

Who We Are

At Home By Choice Solutions, we’ve been in the home improvement industry for quite some time. Over the course of 20 years, we’ve perfected our skills, increased our knowledge, and amassed the experience that has allowed us to become the leading experts in what we do. 

During that time, we noticed something — something we figured we could change for the better. Most contractors don’t build and remodel with everyone in mind. In fact, there are too many contractors who don’t execute their work based on the needs of their clients.

Specifically, we’re talking about accessibility. Think about it. How many homes or buildings have you been to that are made to accommodate people in wheelchairs, disabilities, or even the elderly? Chances are, you’ve seen little to none. To us, that’s an issue. Especially when you consider a home. People, no matter their physical ability, should be able to easily navigate and interact with their homes or other buildings with ease.

After we thought about it, we had an epiphany — we can use our diverse, comprehensive, and expert experience in contracting work to create accessible, functional homes for those who need them. Once we had this realization, we changed our priorities. Now, we’re focused on creating spaces safe, comfortable, and designed for optimal independence. 

What We Do

So now you know who we are and that we’re focused on providing accessible construction and remodeling services, but what does that entail? In summary, we offer the following services: Accessible Bathroom Services, Accessible Kitchen Services, Interior Home Modification Services, and Senior Home Maintenence Services

Keep reading to learn a brief overview of each service. 

Accessible Bathroom Services

The focus of accessible bathroom remodeling or construction is safety and functionality. This means that we can work with your existing bathroom or create a new one that accommodates you or your loved one’s needs. This entails mitigating fall hazards and providing showers, counters, vanities, etc. that improve the ease of access. 

Some of the most popular accessible bathroom services we offer are:

  • Bathtub to Step-In Shower Conversions
  • Low/No Barrier Shower Installations
  • Grab Bar Installation
  • Anti-Slip Flooring Installation
  • Accessible Vanity Installation
  • Accessible Sink Installation
  • Portable/Temporary Shower Installation
  • And More!

Accessible Kitchen Services

Similar to our accessible bathroom services, our accessible kitchen services are intended to make your kitchen safe and functional. While safety is obviously a major focus here, we also work hard to ensure the kitchen is accessible and navigable, the end goal being to create a space that our client can cook with ease and without the limitations that arise from conventional kitchen design. 

Some of our most popular accessible kitchen services include:

  • Accessible Counter Installation
  • Anti-Slip Flooring Installation
  • Reachable Cabinet Installation
  • Wheelchair Accessible Doorway Installation
  • And more!

Interior Home Modification Services

Our interior home modification services focus on making navigation throughout the home easy and safe. After all, what’s the point of an accessible kitchen if you can get to it!

Some of these services include:

  • Threshold Ramp Installation
  • Lighting Upgrades/Additions
  • Doorway Modifications
  • Door removal
  • Door-Swing Reversal
  • Doorway Widening
  • Sliding Barn Door Installation
  • Sliding Pocket Door Installation
  • Grasp Level Knob Installation
  • D-Ring Cabinet Pull Installation
  • Railing and Grab Bar Installations
    • Entire Home Railing Additions
    • Fixed Grab Bar Additions
    • Retractable Grab Bar Additions
    • Floor to Ceiling Support Pole Additions
    • Ceiling mounted Grab Bars/Pole Installation

Senior Home Maintenance Services

Finally, we have our home maintenance services for seniors. These are intended to take the load of off family and caretakers who live far away from their senior loved one(s). We offer check-in services, technology assistance services, one at a time service calls, and general handyman services.

Home By Choice Solutions

Thanks for stopping by our blog, hopefully, we gave you some insight into our business the services we offer. If you’re interested in learning more, browse our site and contact us today!