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Ways to Add Functionality to Your Shower

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Most people think of a shower as a standard, onedimensional appliance. But, with the right modifications and updates, a shower can become a luxurious and functional space! Home By Choice Solutions, a 5star rated and fullyinsured Chicagoland bathroom remodeler, wants to help you transform your shower into the ultimate wet room.

Here are a few of the ways you can upgrade your shower to add functionality with the help of Home by Choice Solutions: 

Upgrade the Material

First, consider investing in new, durable materials like acrylic. Our shower and tub products are made from the most stylish and long-lasting acrylic to ensure you can enjoy all the perks of a new shower without the expectation of constant maintenance! We can also install stunning shower doors in any style so you can have an at-home spa experience every single day. 

Upgrade your Shower Head

Second, take a look at your shower head. Upgrading to a larger shower head can make the shower more enjoyable and luxurious. Plus, there are many special watersaving shower heads on the market that will reduce your water consumption while still providing a satisfying shower experience.

Add a Shower Seat

Third, think about adding a shower seat. Having a comfortable place to sit while taking a shower can make the experience much more enjoyable! Your seat can be foldable to maximize space or a built-in ledge. You can also use the seat to store your shower products, saving valuable space in your bathroom.

Add a Hand-held Shower Head

Finally, consider installing a handheld shower head. This feature gives you more flexibility, allowing you to reach all areas of your body more easily. Plus, if you have young children or family members with mobility issues, a handheld shower head can be an invaluable tool.

These are just a few of the ways you can add functionality to your shower. Upgrading your shower with the right features can transform the area into a comfortable and luxurious space! Why go through life with a mediocre shower when you can enjoy an in-home spa-like experience every day? When you are ready, call Home By Choice Solutions for a free design consultation at 630-984-6773. We will work with you to create the perfect shower for your home.

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